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5/5/06     The first 2-Seat Civilian Space Trainer is shown to the public for the first time.

More can be found on C&Space's website.  There will be alot more to follow on this one.

8/17/05     C&Space and AirBoss have partnered to develop and build an airframe around C&Space's turbopumped LOX/Methane rocket engine.

The question is how do you train the all the future civilian space pilots...the answer is give them a low cost trainer that is every bit an extreme machine.  The jet engine allows for takeoff and landings in a conventional manner.  The plane climbs to its cruise altitude and cruise speed where the fun begins.  A small rocket motor is throttled up and 35 seconds later, the plane is at Mach 1.6 at 50,000+ feet...or pull the nose up a bit and and climb through 75,000+ feet.  Inquiries should be directed to Dave Fawcett with AirBoss.
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Collaboration between Ecotality, NASA's Jet Propulsion Labs, and Airboss Aviation Drives New Developments in Its Hydrogen Bus Program

Ecotality, Inc. Engages Airboss Aviation to Accelerate Its New Hydrogen Programs and Integration into Hydratus Bus
Monday January 8, 12:01 pm ET, 2007

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Ecotality, Inc. (OTC BB: ETLY - News ), a renewable energy company addressing the global energy challenge by developing eco-friendly technologies, today announced that it has engaged Airboss Aviation Group, a leader in the aviation industry, to act as consulting engineers on its Hydratus bus. Airboss will work in conjunction with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (NASA) Jet Propulsion Labs (JPL) and the California Institute of Technology to continue the development of the Hydratus, a system that generates hydrogen on demand.

Ecotality is developing new renewable energy technologies, and works with established technology partners, such as Airboss, to develop and commercialize innovative renewable energy solutions. Jonathan Read, the CEO of Ecotality, stated, "Airboss will allow us to quickly quantify and implement recent new advancements in the Hydratus project, provide us a strong adjunct to our JPL team, as well as spearhead the key task of integration of the Hydratus into the hydrogen bus."

Airboss Aviation is a specialist engineering firm in high-tech aviation programs, with particular expertise in designing, testing and building several cutting-edge aircraft. Airboss will work hand in hand with the scientists and engineers at the JPL to continue the development of the Hydratus through Phase I and Phase II.

Dave Fawcett, President of Airboss Aviation, stated, "Airboss Aviation Group is very excited to be partnered with Ecotality in the development of this revolutionary power system for the Bus project. The ramifications of this program transcend the vehicle industry, to many other industries including aviation." Mr. Fawcett went on to state, "The Ecotality hydrogen program is well designed, and with the combined efforts of in-house Ecotality personnel, Jet Propulsion Laboratories, and AirBoss, I am absolutely confident that the industry could soon realize a revolutionary and efficient, as well as economical, power source."

The Airboss team will be lead by Mark Bettosini, and Dr. Rob Wolf, both widely recognized and accomplished individuals within the engineering and scientific communities and the Aviation Industry.