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AirBoss works with our clients to define the overall conceptual design of the project.  From there, the vehicle is laid out in CAD and tweaked and tugged until the basic criterion is met.  The aircraft is then modeled in three dimensional CAD with definitive mold lines.

Once the mold lines are determined, the detailed design begins.  The parts are designed and analyzed, AirBoss then documents the design in CAD for fabrication.

Using the latest in solid modeling software, the aircraft is "built" in the computer first.  This resolves a host of issues such as aerodynamics, actuation of assemblies, interference, and part count and identification.  The ability to spin the aircraft and look from any angle, inside or out, is a tremendous advantage in design.

The generated computer output can be sent directly to the manufacturer in a variety of formats.  From there, CNC tooling will generated composite parts.  Individual part fabrication is simplified from the simplest part to the most complex machining.

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